Treatment Plan Do Candid Aligners

First Visit: Intake

When you visit the orthodontist for the first time, you will talk to the orthodontist. He checks whether an Invisalign treatment is useful and possible. To be able to assess this, an Extensive Examination is required: Do Candid Aligners making dental models and mouth and X-rays. The orthodontist cannot make a treatment plan without this Advanced Examination. The costs of this will be approximately € 250.

Second Visit: Discuss Treatment Plan

The orthodontist will explain the proposed treatment to you based on the information from the Detailed Examination. The orthodontist explains exactly what will happen.

Approximately How Long Will The Treatment Take?

Is preparation required prior to the treatment, such as the removal of molars or filling of holes by the dentist?

How much are the costs approximately? (You will receive a written statement of expenses to check with your insurance).

After the budget has been approved in writing, the treatment can start!

Medical Data

For everyone’s safety, we ask you to always inform us about medical details. Think of pregnancy, use of medication, illnesses, infections, abnormalities, et cetera.

When using medicines, we are obliged to add the medication overview to your data. You can request this overview (free of charge) from your pharmacy.


During the intake interview you will speak with our orthodontist. He first checks whether orthodontic treatment is necessary and useful. If you benefit from braces, he will immediately discuss which treatment would be appropriate, what risks there are and what costs you can expect. If you have a preference for a specific brace, such as the Invisalign , you can indicate this during the conversation. You can also discuss this during this meeting if you have any questions or uncertainties. To be able to make a treatment plan, an extensive examination is required, which takes place immediately during the intake interview. The orthodontist makes dental models and mouth and X-rays. The costs will be approximately € 250.

I was annoyed by my crooked teeth, but as an adult I didn’t want braces. I was assigned an Invisalign at Tetragon. Hard to see and  Do Candid Aligners things are moving in the right direction! Very happy with the treatment.

Postponement Of Treatment

Sometimes children are not yet ready for orthodontic treatment, for example when many teeth still need to be changed. It is also possible that the jaw has to grow further or that speech therapy is required first. In that case, the treatment will be postponed and a repeat consultation will follow.

Discuss Treatment Plan

During the second visit, the orthodontist discusses the proposed treatment plan, which is made on the basis of the information from the extensive examination. The orthodontist explains exactly what is going on and how we are going to solve it. The following matters are discussed:

After this meeting you will receive a written statement of costs, so that you can check everything with your insurance. We will start after Do Candid Aligners we have received the written cost statement and returned, signed, so that we are 100% sure that everything is clear.

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