Byte Vs Candid Vs Smile Direct Club: Which Teeth Aligner is the Best?

We are back with another comparison, and this time we have Byte vs Candid vs Smile Direct Club. Each company is well-established with thousands of subscriptions to prove its quality service. However, there’s always that one product that remains the customer’s favorite for all the right reasons. Before we jump into which one offers the best results, let’s check out each brand’s product and its features. 

Byte Vs Candid Vs Smile Direct Club Comparison

Here’s an overview and background information that will help us understand the Byte vs Candid vs Smile Direct Club comparison better. 

Byte Aligners

Byte’s premium quality aligners are divided into two types – All-Day aligner and At-Night aligner. The former works best if you wear it 22 hours every day for visible results in just a little over three months. On the other hand, the nighttime aligner needs to be worn for 10 hours straight every night for 5-6 months. The Byte aligners are made with precision under the provision of medical experts spread all over 50 states of America. 

Candid Aligners

Providing top-quality dental solutions since 2017, Candid has become the second-best in the industry. Candid offers aligners while working with only tooth movement specialists and a reputed manufacturer ClearCorrect. It offers two plans – Candid Consumer and Candid Pro. The former offers you at-home services, and the latter is for cases that require an office visit. The results start showing in an average of 6 months. 

SmileDirectClub Aligners

To cater to the needs of the misaligned teeth population with an affordable service, SmileDirectClub (SDC) introduced two types of aligners similar to Byte. One is the regular aligner which has an average 4-6 months treatment plan, and the other is a nighttime aligner with an average of 8-10 months. SDC also has an in-store scan option for those who would like a personal touch from their experts. 

How do these teeth aligners work?

Byte’s aligners use HyperByte, a High-Frequency Vibration device that improves the alignment results in a much lesser time. To start using Byte’s services, you have to place an order for an impression kit and send it back for analysis. Once your orthodontist approves the misalignment, an aligner is customized to help you achieve your dream smile. 

As for Candid’s clear aligners, you can go to a free Candid Studio to get a free scan or order yourself an at-home starter kit. After a 3D imaging assessment, the prescribed aligners, along with premium whitening, are delivered to you. The easy-to-operate CandidMonitoring technology keeps your entire treatment in check every 14 days.

Similarly, the SmileDirectClub works. The people at SDC send you an impression kit and order a custom-made aligner for you once the 3D image analysis is done. If you want to schedule a visit to their nearest store, that option is available as well. 

Byte vs Candid vs Smile Direct Club Differences


  • Uses medically approved and FDA cleared aligners developed by 200 licensed dentists and doctors.
  • Manufactures crystal-clear aligners that give a near-perfect natural look


  • Uses AI technology along with a special scanner and your smartphone for dental monitoring. 
  • Works with well-experienced orthodontists with 6-7 years of training to solve all types of alignment irregularities. 

Smile Direct Club

· State-licensed doctors use 3D images and Smart Sculpt technology to prescribe you tailor-made aligners

· Smile Direct Club aligners are made with Comfort Sense technology for easy fit and comfortable wear. 

Pricing: Byte vs Candid vs Smile Direct Club 


Using Byte Day Aligners, you can enjoy a monthly payment of $83 for 29 months or a one-time payment of $1,895. The nighttime aligners cost $99 per month with a 29 monthly payment plan or $2,295 if you want to pay at one go. The impression kit comes at $95 dollars, but with special coupons, you can avail it at $29.95. 

Additionally, Byte’s Protection Plan covers accidental and stolen costs. Also, if you have an existing insurance plan, Byte will reimburse the cost through your insurance provider. 


Candid allows monthly charges as low as $79 with a $299 down payment for 36 months and a full amount of $2,400 for customers who would like to pay at once. The starter kit comes at the cost of $95, but with additional offers, it is currently priced at $20. It also accepts HSA/FSA debit cards and insurance plans. 

Smile Direct Club

Just like Byte and Candid, Smile Direct Club also allows dual payment plans. It offers monthly charges at $89 and $1950 as a one-time charge. The impression kit costs $59, but when you return the kit, you get an $18 rebate. Additionally, the retainer costs $99 per set. 

Pros and Cons: Byte vs Candid vs Smile Direct Club



  • Free retainer and teeth whitening solution added
  • Only three months treatment plan
  • Refundable
  • Accepts insurance 


  • No physical clinics or stores for check-ins

· Only those who are determined fit for Byte aligners are eligible for treatment



  • Only orthodontists, no general dentist 
  • Full refund for non-candidates 
  • Open to two treatment services – at home and clinic visit


  • The treatment plan takes longer than Byte and Smile Direct Club
  • No free retainers

Smile Direct Club


· Multiple stores for 3D scans

· Free SmileShop visit and free impression kit shipping 

· Lifetime guarantee


  • Retainer needs to be purchased separately
  • Infrequent communication


  • How do I get started with Byte, Candid, or SmileDirectClub?

To get started with any of these services, you simply have to order your first impression kit. Once the experts measure all technicalities, they’ll send you your aligners after you choose a payment plan. 

  • Which provides the fastest results?

Byte has the fastest results as compared to the other two companies. It can fix your crooked alignment in less than three months, whereas the other two take around six months. 

  • Are at-home aligners services safe?

Yes, they are! The companies use state-licensed experts such as dentists and orthodontists to serve your teeth alignment solutions. There is nothing to feel insecure about the service. 

Our Recommendation:

After doing an in-depth analysis, our favorite remains Byte, which beats the rest with exceptional brownie points. The main reason for Byte’s win would be the treatment duration because who doesn’t want to get rid of a foreign object in your mouth ASAP, right? Another reason that makes Byte our top pick is the pricing plan and payment options. With so many ways to make your subscription affordable, this product is a game-changer.